Pardee Homes’ Green Designs Tip Scale For New Buyers At LivingSmart® Homes Fair Oaks Ranch®

By Open Line on May 01, 2013 at 12:01 PM in Press Room
Pardee Homes’ Green Designs Tip Scale For New Buyers At LivingSmart® Homes Fair Oaks Ranch® Green features tipped the scale for Mark Barron and Amy Hizon when they bought a new home at LivingSmart® Homes Fair Oaks Ranch® by Pardee Homes.

Los Angeles, CA – Location, design, price, neighborhood, community—Mark Barron and Amy Hizon found the new home package they were looking for when they came to LivingSmart® Homes at Fair Oaks Ranch® in Santa Clarita. Yet when asked whether they could identify “the one reason” they bought their new home here, they answered quickly, “Green.”

“When we walked into the sales offices for the first time we did not understand the green part of the building, and we did not realize the level of achievement Pardee has accomplished with green building,” said Mark. “As we were educated on this major aspect of the home, it became a major factor in our decision to purchase with Pardee.

“We are amazed at the energy—and cost— savings we are experiencing and the comfort level the house maintains,” he added. “I have owned many homes and the homes Pardee builds are by far the best.”

The new home search began nearly a year ago for Mark and Amy as they made marriage and moving plans. In addition to creating one household, they each wanted something smaller, newer and easier to manage than the homes they were in at the time. “We each had a home of about 4,000 square feet, and downsizing was a priority,” said Mark. “We were also feeling some urgency because we saw the market rising and thought the right time to buy had definitely come.”           

Finding the right home at the right price in the right place? That took awhile, as the couple searched widely through Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley. Career professionals who both commute to Van Nuys, they initially skipped over the Santa Clarita area. “We did not think to come here because I had remembered traffic hassles,” Mark said. That was before all the improvements were made to the 14 Freeway.”

Yet re-sale and bank-owned choices in their initial search areas were not desirable. “Fixer uppers just were not what we wanted to take on,” said Mark. “And with the bank-owned properties, understanding what our real costs were could be difficult.”

Realizing that what they really wanted was a new home, Mark and Amy circled back to Santa Clarita, where they found Pardee Homes, LivingSmart® Homes and Fair Oaks Ranch.

Priced from the mid $400,000s, LivingSmart® Homes offer approximately 1,846 to 2,432 square feet of living space. Mark and Amy liked the Plan 3 layout, its generous bed and bath count and all the features and finishes that were included with their move-in ready selection.

Pleased with the design and energy-savings of the home, Mark and Amy then looked at their prospective neighborhood, helped by sales representatives Ben Romzek and Lexie Perez. “We practically lived at the model home while we were completing the purchase process,” said Amy. “Ben and Lexie are really good, down to earth people who are working to help you, not sell you.”

“They took us to the rec center pool, and we began making friends instantly, even before we bought our home,” said Mark. “The people here were so welcoming and friendly, and it was obviously such a great community that we knew this was going to be our home.”

The setting at Fair Oaks Ranch has been a definite plus. “The view from our home to the mountains is absolutely gorgeous,” said Mark. “When we go to the store, there’s a beautiful view. Everywhere you go there is something inspirational to look at and everything here is open and fresh.”

Fair Oaks Ranch location has also made commuting easier for Mark and Amy, who work at the same consumer electronics firm, he as chief financial officer and she as the company’s finance manager. “It takes us about 30 minutes to get to work, really not a problem with the 14 Freeway so close,” said Amy.

Just as important was the help they got as they completed purchase. “The customer service team is amazing,” said Amy. “They respond to you, and they care. They solve problems instead of talking about solving problems!”

In their new home for about six months, Mark and Amy are delighted. “Our neighbors are great people, we’re enjoying the park and we’re looking forward to summer at The Ranch,” said Mark. “We made the right decision when we came to Pardee Homes and Fair Oaks Ranch!”

And oh yes, back to green. “We just got our last SCE bill and it was for $9.14,” said Mark. “On a recent 47-degree morning, in our cozy Pardee home the temperature was 71 degrees without the heater or air conditioner. I cannot emphasize enough how much we love saving money with our GREEN Pardee home!”

Exit the 14 Freeway North at Via Princessa and turn right. Turn left at Lost Canyon Road and follow signs. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily except Wednesdays, when hours are 1 to 6 p.m. Call 661-299-5409. Also visit