Third party endorsement is key to branding, strategic direction, project and product promotions, peer recognition, your company’s reputation—the list goes on but the bottom line is that positive publicity strengthens credibility for your company, your project and your products and services.

Open Line promotes these outcomes with informed, clearly articulated and consistent messages, targeted to the audiences you need to reach. Content incorporates news value and channels include traditional, new and emerging.

We also help you determine which efforts are best for your objectives. Awards programs, professional conferences, quarterly news stories, blog posts, photo opps, special events? We handle these and more, and look forward to joining your team.


Whether for a single effort or long-term campaign, we offer experienced eyes and ears for concept, call to action, logistics and implementation. Our work encompasses corporate and project promotions and related special events, and our portfolio includes ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” HomeAid’s Project Playhouse, “Summer of Solar” and more.